Date : 26.01.2013

Bands : The Fright (DE), The 69 Eyes (FI)

Location : Cologne (DE)

As soon as the tour dates for The 69 Eyes were announced, I knew I had to be there. It’s been more than 1 year since I last saw the Helsinki vampires live and I knew that an amazing night was waiting for me.

The opening act for The 69 Eyes was the German horrock’n’ roll band The Fright. The band welcomed the crowd in the first show of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” tour with an energetic start. From the first song, they were really powerful on stage; especially the moves and the energy of the vocalist Lon was really amazing; he had the energy of Sebastian Bach in the 80s which was so great to see and experience.  It wasn’t only Lon who kept the show going though, the whole band was on fire! I really loved the whole 80s vibe of the band; it was as if they revived the 80s with their own sound. I also have to add that their outfits were really cool! 😀 The audience was not so ‘cold’ towards the opening act ; some people were singing along and dancing to the songs.

Overall, I really enjoyed hearing The Fright live for the first time. They may not be everyone’s favorite band but they surely proved that they had potential. Although the band was not so unique in my opinion, they really had great energy live.

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Rating : 8/10

After playing for approximately 45 minutes, The Fright left the stage for the Finnish goth’n’rollers. While the soundcheck was done for The 69 Eyes, the venue was getting more crowded than ever and I could feel the excitement within the people.

When the lights went out, it was time to rock! The intro for the show was the song “Bad Things” by Jace Everett, which is also the opening song for the famous TV show True Blood (TB is a tv show about vampires indeed :D). The song fit perfectly to the theme of the band as well as to the night. The 69 Eyes then started their show with the first song “Love Runs Away” from their latest album “X”. From the first moment on, I realized how much I missed this band live. Although it was the first show of the tour, the band showed no signs of being anxious and they proved that they still kick ass after so many years! The frontman Jyrki was charismatic as ever and I could see that almost every girl in the venue was watching him with ‘those’ eyes 😀 Jyrki also realized that and he dedicated some of the songs like “Gothic Girl” or “Betty Blue” to the girls as always.

The band continued the show with the songs “Tonight” , “ Black” , “Red” , “Borderline” as well as “I Know What You Did Last Summer” from their newest album. I must say that hearing the new songs live blew the fans away! This also meant that the new album did pretty good and hearing the songs live was not disappointing at all! The band had a lot to offer when it came to the setlist though; there were lots of classics from the earlier times of the band. Some of the songs that ‘surprised’ me were “Dance D’amour” , “Betty Blue” and “Gothic Girl”. I never thought the band would play those songs in 2013 but they proved me wrong ; the setlist was like the greatest hits of the Helsinki vampires! 😀 The band played their songs from almost all of their albums (Blessed Be, Paris Kills, Back in Blood, Devils and Angels) so I think almost all of the people were satisfied with the songs. The band also seemed to be satisfied with the crowd as well (although I think the crowd was a bit ‘calmer’ than I had expected); during the show, Jyrki said that it was good to be back in Germany and he also stated that the band chose Cologne as the first city for the tour because the fans from Cologne had always been loyal with the band. It was such a great feeling to hear those words ; I have always known that the band had a huge fanbase in Germany and to experience it live was a whole different feeling.

The 69 Eyes finished their set with the last three songs “The Chair” , “Brandon Lee” and “Lost Boys”. I wouldn’t lie if I state that the Helsinki Vampires are still on fire after so many years! I kinda lost my hope after Back in Blood (2009) era but with the release of their newest album X as well as this show, I love the guys even more. They were so good as a whole band and they are proof that if a band loves what they do and stick to their fans after so many years, they will still be there no matter what. Thanks for an amazing show to both bands and hopefully I can see The 69 Eyes soon again! 😀

Rating : 10/10

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