Band :  Celtachor

Album : Nine Waves From The Shore

Genre: Celtic/Folk Black Metal

Release Date: 25.11.2012

Record Label : Unsigned

celtachor albumcover2

Celtachor is a blackened folk metal band from Ireland. The idea of ‘Celtachor’  was first created in 2007 and it took 3 years for that idea to become a band. The band can be considered as the narrators of the Irish mythology ; the band’s main goal is to tell their own vision of the stories with the influences of black/doom/folk metal.

Celtachor has released their first album Nine Waves From The Shore in November 2012 and the band has also released a demo called In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers beforehand. Apart from that, the band has also toured with some known bands like Skyforger, Primordial, Heidevolk, Suidakra, Cruachan, Wolfchant, Alestorm, Mael Mordha, Waylander, Thurisaz, Nothgard and Darkest Era.

As a huge folk metal band, I decided to give this album a chance and I wasn’t disappointed at all!

Album Review

From the first song, The Landing of Amergin, Celtachor proves that they are not the ‚traditional folk metal‘band that one would expect. Normally with folk metal albums, one expects a melodic intro or something similar but this is not the case with Celtachor; the album starts in a very powerful and ‘aggressive’ way with the hard riffs and the brutal vocals. Surely there is the folk-ish side of the band; the whole vibe of the folk instrument towards the middle of the song is quite impressive and it is well-balanced with the aggression of the whole song. This whole dark vibe continues with the second song The Battle of Tailtin.

One of the highlights of the album is definitely The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg . If you are the person who likes the mixture of the folk elements (especially the folk elements in the beginning of the song) and elements of a metal song like the e-guitars and brutal vocals, then this song will blow you away. From the beginning, this song really caught my attention. I also find this song rather ‘soothing’ after the first two songs. Don’t get me wrong, this song is still quite dark. However, I think that it defines the essence of this album. The listener will find a bit of everything – the melody, the aggression, those amazing folk instruments and the harshness.

Surprisingly, the album gets a lot more interesting with Sorrow Of The Dagda ; I think that the listeners will really appreciate and recognize the true potential of the album with this song. Personally, I really liked the acoustic guitars as well as the guitar solos in this piece. They add another element to the whole vibe of the album, making it a lot more colorful. Another highlight of the album is definitely Tar éis an Sidhe . This song is also different from the others since it’s acoustic and it’s kind-of ‘raw’. My imagination also went crazy when I listened to this piece; I could really feel that atmospheric vibe.

In contrary toTar éis an Sidhe , the last two songs are the ‘blackest’ songs of the album and they remind the listener that this band is not all about the acoustic guitars and the traditional instruments. I also really love how the album changes its vibe from ‘silence’ to ‘black’ once again.

Generally, this album is really distinguishing and unique in its own genre. One thing is certain though; everything becomes clearer when the listener has an idea of the stories behind the songs. Otherwise, the songs might be ordinary for the listeners. Let’s not forget that all of the songs have meanings and they tell stories. Moreover, there is a bit of everything in this album; the riffs and that dark atmosphere welcome the listener in the first two songs but then the album changes its vibe and the songs become more acoustic and melodic. Lastly, the album comes to an end with that aggression and brutality once again. This also shows that this is a dynamic album so the listener will not be ‘bored’ in any sense. I especially loved the guitar riffs in each song of the album; they were the distinguishing fact for me and they prove that this is not a regular black/folk metal album. The songs that define this album are definitely The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg and Tar éis an Sidhe .

Nine Waves From The Shore is definitely a must for any folk/black metal fan out there. The balance between the folk elements and that black metal vibe is perfect so even people who only listen to folk metal because of the folk elements or that folk vibe will like this album. Hopefully it will be possible to see this band live one day. Well done, Celtachor!

Rating : 8/10


1. The Landing Of Amergin
2. The Battle Of Tailtin
3. The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg
4. Sorrow Of The Dagda
5. Tar éis an Sidhe
6. Conn Of The Hundred Battles
7. Anann: Ermne’s Daughter

Celtachor is :

Stephen Roche – Vocals/Whistles
David Quinn – Guitar
Emile Quigley – Bass
Anaïs Chareyre – Drums
Fionn Staffort – Guitar/Whistle