Date : 31.12.2012

Bands : Whispered (FI), Turisas (FI)

Location : Helsinki (FI)

When I first read the news of a Turisas gig on New Year’s Eve in Helsinki, I was beyond excited. I just could not think of a better celebration with one of my favorite bands. I went to to Nosturi earlier to get a better spot for Turisas and to my luck, it wasn’t so cold and I had a very good friend with me so the wait wasn’t painful at all 😀

The support act, which played around 10:45 PM, was the Finnish metal band Whispered. I actually wanted to see a more famous band like Finntroll or Ensiferum as a support act. However, my feelings completely changed after hearing this band live. Although their style, which can be considered as melodic metal with ‘samurai warrior spirit’, was totally different from Turisas’ style, they really caught my attention and at most times I found myself headbanging to the amazing riffs. I also loved the harsh vocals in the songs; they really reflected the whole spirit of the songs.

I mentioned before that the band plays music with the whole samurai spirit which means that the asian melodies could be heard within the songs. This whole asian and samurai spirit could also be seen from the outfit of the bandmembers which added another dimension to their great performance.

Unfortunately, the band only played for approx. 45 minutes. I wish I had discovered the band before because they were really good. One thing I was sad about was that the venue was not so full because almost all the people there were Turisas fans. In addition to that, it was forbidden to drink alcohol inside the venue in which bands were playing so everybody was either in the bar side of the club or outside. Whispered totally deserved a better crowd. However, there were still 3-4 rows (plus some crowd in the balcony and a good mosh-pit) that kept the performance going. I would definitely recommend Whispered to any melodic death metal fans, they kick ass live!

Rating : 10/10

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As the soundcheck was done for Turisas, the venue got more packed than ever! I could already feel the energy and the excitement within the crowd. Of course the band would be on stage at exactly 12 AM since it was New Year’s Eve. The crew also closed the curtains so the stage could not be seen. That was something I had not seen in any concert before so that made me even more excited.

When the time came, the curtains were open and the band started their show with a countdown in Finnish which made everyone go crazy! It was so great to step into 2013 with one of the greatest metal bands. When the countdown finished, Turisas started their set with one of their best songs To Holmgard and Beyond. That was the highlight of 2012 for me; the song was the perfect start to a new year and to a Turisas concert as well. Surely, I don’t need to mention how powerful everyone was on stage. All the guys were moving constantly and I wasn’t sure which one to follow; at one moment the violinist Olli Vänskä was going crazy with his violin solos and at another moment the fans could see the vocalist Mathias Nygard and the guitarist Jussi Wickström dancing to the songs.

Turisas continued the performance with some great songs like The Great Escape, Portage To the Unknown and The March of the Varangian Guard. As a matter of fact, these songs are not enough to show how great the setlist was. The band played songs from all of their 3 albums; Battle Metal, The Varangian Way and Stand Up and Fight. There was not even one moment to stop and breathe; the fans were in the mosh-pit, headbanging or singing along to the songs.

One of the (many) highlights of the concert was the farewell of the drummer Tude Lehtonen and the bassist Jukka-Pekka Miettinen. As the fans know, this gig was not only meant to be a NYE show but also a farewell show to the both bandmembers who now left the band due to personal reasons. It was of course sad to see the two talented bandmembers saying farewell, but this did not stop the show being full of motivation and positivity. After the vocalist Mathias Nygard mentioned about the two bandmembers, there was a cake given for the bassist and it turns out that it was his birthday on that day 😀 It was such a great atmosphere despite the farewell and everything.

Another highlight – and probably the funniest- was the moment when the violinist Olli Vänskä threw sausage packs into the crowd. Apparently, he said that ‘it was impossible to throw pieces of cake into the crowd for the bassist’s birthday celebration so they decided to throw sausage packs’. It was such a great and funny moment that everyone was laughing and shouting along. My friend was among the lucky (and blessed) people who got the sauge packs so it was something that I will never forget! 😀

I mentioned about the setlist being perfect and it was the case. Some songs in the setlist that really surprised me were Hunting Pirates, Sahti-Waari and The Dnieper Rapids. However, the highlight song of the evening for me was Rex Regi Rebellis; the moment that song started playing, I was going crazy. I can say that RRR is one of my favorite Turisas songs and everyone was surprised to hear it live.

Turisas ended their show with the last three songs Stand Up and Fight, Sahti-Waari and Battle Metal. I was expecting the last song to be Rasputin but that was not the case. Nevertheless, I can’t complain. Turisas gave an amazing performance full of energy, motivation and they had that full warrior vibe within them. I was so glad to be a part of the show on NYE ; I was not disappointed at all. Turisas had everything for fans ; a setlist made up of their greatest hits, a great energy and lots of funny shit! 😀 I can definitely say that I had the best concert of my life and a best new year celebration. Hopefully, I will see the band again when they go on tour after their 4th album is released this year; I am sure they will be amazing!

Rating : 10/10

Setlist :

  • To Holmgard and Beyond
  • The Great Escape
  • Portage to the Unknown
  • March of the Varangian Guard
  • Take the Day!
  • The Dnieper Rapids
  • Rex Regi Rebellis
  • Hunting Pirates
  • The Messenger
  • One More
  • Miklagard Overture



  • Stand Up and Fight
  • Sahti- Waari
  • Battle Metal

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