As metalheads, we always have problems about radios since the radios do not really broadcast metal music. H&R Productions came up with a solution to this problem and a brand new radio station is born : Finnish Melodic Metal Radio! 😀

According to the CEO of H&R Productions, Matti Remes, FINNISH MELODIC METAL RADIO will be broadcast on the internet and it will be run by a community of Finnish metalbands. Another aim of this project is for the fans to discover new bands as well (since the radio is run by metal bands). In this way, the bands will be able to broadcast their upcoming albums and they will be able to communicate with the fans more easily.

Another great part of this radio is that it will be broadcast in English, so everyone around the world can tune in!

For further information or for contact :

Matti Remes
FMM “Daddy”
H&R Productions