Band :  GÜRZ

Album : Sons of Earth and Sky

Genre: Folk Metal

Release Date: 16.03.2012

Record Label : Unsigned

GÜRZ - Sons of Earth and Sky - Cover HQ small

GÜRZ is a folk metal band from Turkey. The band was formed in 2006 by Dogukan Kalender (growl vocals, keyboards, folk instruments, guitars) and Kenan Turandar (bass, clean vocals). The second guitarist M. Cantug Agic joined the band shortly after it was formed and the band started composing. After a few line-up changes, the drummer Erce Arslan joined the band in May 2012.

The songs of the band are lyrically based on folktales, central asian myths, ancient middle-eastern sagas and fantasy fiction. Musically the band combines metal music with folk and classical elements.

GÜRZ’ first live appearance was in Unirock Open Air Festival in Istanbul, Turkey in 2011. The band has also recently played in Ukraine and Hungary.

The first EP which is called Sons of Earth and Sky was released in 16.03.2012 and the band is planning to release more albums and play more live shows in the future.

EP Review [track-by-track review]

01. By The Sacred Stone : The first song ‚By The Sacred Stone‘ takes the listener to  the Middle Earth and I mean it! This intro is also an indication that GÜRZ is a promising band for sure!

02. Göc :  This fast-paced song , which reminds me of the old era of Ensiferum, will make the listener headbang for sure! The highlight of the song is the awesome guitar solo but I have to say this song is my least favorite from the EP. It is not as captivating and magical as the other two songs.

03. Storm Avenger : The EP gets more interesting with this song. I just love the acoustic beginning (I have a weakness for acoustic beginnings in folk metal songs :D). The beautiful combination of clean and growl vocals can be heard very well in this song as well. With this song, GÜRZ shows its true talent to the listeners.

04. Sons of Earth and Sky : This song is my favorite from this album; it definitely shows how much potential this band has. Just like intro of the EP, this song also gave me the impression of a Middle-Earth vibe with the beginning. I think that this song has the most elements in the EP; changing melodies in the background, an amazing combination of clean and growl vocals and the guitar solos. I also love how the rhythm changes within a song; it is slow one moment and then it becomes faster with the riffs. As I mentioned before, this song is the most memorable and the most impressive one for me!

Overall, this album proves that the Turkish folk-metallers GÜRZ are a promising band. Considering that this is their first EP, it is really successful and it manages to catch the attention of the listener. It is generally a fast-paced EP but at some points, the listener will feel the tranquil vibe of the songs which is a great feeling. Moreover, it made me really happy to see that a band from my country is making this kind of music as it is not so common. There are surely things to be improved musically but I am sure GÜRZ will be more powerful in the future. “Sons of Earth and Sky” is truly a great EP with many melodies and riffs that will take the listener to another world!

Rating : 8/10

GÜRZ is :

Doğukan Kalender – Growl Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Folk Instruments
M.Cantuğ Ağıç – Lead & Acoustic Guitars
Kenan Turandar – Clean Vocals & Bass
Erce Arslan – Drums & Percussions