Normally, I prefer to post news related to music or festivals/concerts but I couldn’t help posting this since it is about one of my favorite female vocalists and it’s positive news 😀

There has been news and gossip circulating in the about the pregnancy of the former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen. On Wednesday, Tarja published a picture  on her Official Facebook Page which caused rumors about her having a baby and that news turned out to be true!

According to the statement from Finnish ILTALEHTI, Tarja Turunen’s spokeswoman Taija Holm confirmed that Tarja Turunen became a mother. (She is married to Marcelo Cabuli).

She gained my respect even more by hiding this whole pregnancy thing from the media. She has always been in the spotlight with her music rather than her private life.

Congratulations to Tarja and Marcelo! 😀