Date : 24.11.2012

Bands : Scar of The Sun (GR), Lake Of Tears (SWE), Swallow The Sun (FI), Moonspell (PT), Pain (SWE)

Location : Bochum (DE)

After a lot of pagan and folk metal madness, I decided to change the route a bit and go to INTO DARKNESS gig. This was a bit different from the previous live events I have been to because the line-up which consisted of bands like Swallow The Sun and Lake of Tears was ‘doomy’ and melancholic enough! Moreover, I was super excited to see the Swedish industrial metal band and the headliner of the gig, PAIN, for the first time.

The first band I could see was LAKE OF TEARS. I saw them in Metalfest on June 2012 and since then, I became a bigger and a more dedicated fan of the band. They also had the most surprising opening of the show; contrary to their melancholic and dark songs, they opened the show with the intro song “Military Trumpet Flick Flock (March of Bersaglieri)” and continued with the songs “Taste of Hell” and “Illwill” from their latest album Illwill.  Since the band has been around for quite a long time, they did not forget the fans of their old songs and they played some of my favorite songs like “Demon You/Lily Anne”, “Raven Land” and the epic song “So Fell Autumn Rain” from their legendary album Forever Autumn. I must say the setlist was really interesting and amazing. Personally, I am a fan of the old era of the band but hearing new songs live made me appreciate the band even more.

Lake of Tears finished the show with the song “House of the Setting Sun”  . Overall, I really enjoyed seeing this band one more time although they looked a bit ‘tired’ on stage. This might have been because of the fact that they had been touring for weeks and the show in Bochum was one of the last shows of the tour.

Rating : 8/10

01. Taste of Hell
02. Illwill
03. Demon You / Lily Anne
04. Raven Land
05. The Greymen
06. Boogie Bubble
07. So Fell Autumn Rain
08. House of the Setting Sun
09. Crazyman


After the soundcheck was done for Finnish doom-metallers SWALLOW THE SUN, the band started their show with the song “Emerald Forest and the Blackbird” from their latest album with the same name as the song. This was the moment that I really felt that I was in a gig which had a darkness vibe; I must say that Swallow The Sun really manages to evoke that feeling of doom and darkness through their songs as well as the lights. I especially felt that feeling in the posture of the vocalist Mikko Kotamäki and the way he sings; with all of those elements combined, the audience could feel the melancholy and doom. The band also included songs from their older albums such “Out of This Gloomy Light” from their album The Morning Never Came (2003) and “Descending Waters” from Ghosts of Loss (2005). My favorite songs from this setlist were undoubtedly “Cathedral Walls” and the last song “Night Will Forgive Us” which are both from their latest album.

Generally, I just loved the performance of Swallow The Sun. I could feel that the audience was not in the mood for this band so much but in my opinion, they represented the theme of the night the best; they introduced everyone to the darkness. Surely, their songs were not so fast but that is expected from a doom metal band.

Another highlight for me was the t-shirt of the vocalist. Normally I pay attention to little details and this time I am glad I did not miss it; the vocalist had a t-shirt of the album cover of “Dead Again” of the legendary American doom/gothic metal band Type O Negative. This made me respect the band even more since I am a huge Type O Negative fan. Swallow The Sun will be one of those bands that I will not miss seeing live again. They are simply amazing!

Rating : 10/10

01. Emerald Forest and the Blackbird
02. Out of This Gloomy Light
03. Labyrinth of London (Horror pt. IV)
04. Cathedral Walls
05. Descending Winters
06. Night Will Forgive Us



After approx. 45 minutes of doom and melancholy, it was time for some heavier stuff. Next was the Portuguese heavy metal band MOONSPELL. I have seen them lastly in Metalfest Loreley and although it was daylight (which does not fit to the whole concept of Moonspell :D), the band seemed to make everyone headbang. This was the case this time as well; the band started the show with “Axis Mundi” from their brand new album Alpha Noir. The charismatic vocalist Fernando Ribeiro had his ‘mask’ on as always at the first song which added another ambience to the whole performance. I could also see that the venue got a lot more crowded as Moonspell started playing.

The setlist was as colorful as always; Moonspell played some new songs like “Alpha Noir” and “Lickanthrope” as well as the classics like “Vampiria” and “Wolfshade”. I loved how Fernando kept the crowd headbanging and singing; they really had that energy on the stage. It wasn’t only Fernando that kept the crowd headbanging though; the whole band was simply on fire. The drums were powerful and the guitars gave that heavy melody to the songs.

Moonspell also celebrated their 20th year anniversary with this tour and Fernando thanked all the fans who supported them throughout the year. He also stated that they had never expected this kind of success when they started out. As a celebration of their 20th year anniversary, the band surprised the crowd by playing “Alma Mater” which is a song from their first album Wolfshade, which was released in 1995. I was really happy to hear this song live because I think this song is a great representation of the celebration of this anniversary as well as Moonspell.  They finished the show with another classic, Full Moon Madness, and left the stage for PAIN.

01. Axis Mundi
02. Alpha Noir
03. Opium
04. Awake
05. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
06. Lickanthrope
07. Em Nome Do Medo
08. Vampiria
09. Alma Mater
10. Full Moon Madness

Rating : 10/10

After an energetic and a heavy performance by Moonspell, the Swedish industrial metallers PAIN were next. To be honest, I was not in this concert for the headliner PAIN, but for the previous bands that I have written about. Nevertheless, I was quite curious about Pain’s performance because I have heard so much about them.

Pain started the show with “Same Old Song” and from that moment on, the venue turned into a whole metal disco! It was a bit strange to experience such a feeling after watching bands like Swallow The Sun and Moonspell but I have to say that they were not disappointing at all! I especially loved that industrial-metal-energy within the band that made everyone jump and dance. The outfit of the vocalist/guitarist Peter Tägtgren was also really interesting and cool!

The setlist of the band consisted mostly of the older songs; as a matter of fact, from the new album  You Only Live Twice, the band only played ‘Dirty Woman’ and ‘The Great Pretender’. For people like me who don’t know the band so much, this was a good setlist since I got to know the old as well as the new-era of Pain.

Throughout the whole show, the band managed to make everyone scream, sing, jump and dance so I could say that everyone enjoyed the show. Moreover, I could see that the venue got a lot more colorful and energetic with the headliner; apart from Pain, I only felt this energy in the songs of Moonspell. Pain finished the show with “Shut Your Mouth” and “Bye/Die” and left the crowd wanting for more but unfortunately, the night came to an end.

Rating : 8,5/10

01. Same Old Song
02. I’m Going In
03. Walking on Glass
04. Zombie Slam
05. Dirty Woman
06. Monkey Business
07. End of the Line
08. The Great Pretender
09. Dark Fields of Pain
10. It’s Only Them
11. Let Me Out
12. On and On
13. Shut Your Mouth

14. Bye/Die


Generally, I really enjoyed the show but I don’t think that the headliner Pain fit into the category of darkness. They were really successful and captivating on stage but for me, the darkness theme is more about melancholy and doom. That’s why the best band that represented this theme was Swallow The Sun. By watching this band live, I could really say that I was “into darkness”. On the other hand, Pain was just the opposite; they were there to make everyone cheer up and dance. The other two bands Moonspell and Lake of Tears also fit to the theme of the night; Moonspell was dark and energetic and Lake of Tears was as melancholic as ever although they lacked a bit of energy on stage. Nevertheless, it was an amazing night full of different feelings and different melodies!