Love metallers HIM are ready to go back on tour again! According to the statement in the band’s official Facebook page, HIM will play two shows in Finland next year; one in Qstock Oulu and the other in Ruisrock, Turku. Read the full statement below:

The Love Metal greatness HIM will play only two gigs in Finland next summer of which one is in Qstock, Oulu. In addition to Qstock, HIM will only perform in Ruisrock, Turku.
Having gained great international popularity, HIM has recently released a compilation album XX – Two Decades of Love Metal. Currently Ville Valo and the associates are recording a new full-length album which is to be published next spring.

Along with confirming HIM in its lineup, Qstock is releasing the much requested Christmas tickets. Tickets are on sale during December, 1-24, 2012. Two-day Christmas tickets are available at Ticket Master Offices at the price of 79€.
Qstock is held in Kuusisaari and Raatti area in Oulu July, 26-27, 2013. More bands are announced in February/March when Qstock 2013 Official Site with its graphical outlook is published.