The Finnish folk metallers TURISAS have big news for fans. Firstly, as the fans know, the band is currently in the studio recording their new album. Furthermore, according to the statement in the official website of the band, Turisas has parted ways with the drummer, Tuomas “Tude” Lehtonen.

Moreover, the band is also gonna play in Helsinki in New Year’s Eve. Turisas fans in Helsinki should not miss the show! 😀

You can read the full statement below :

TURISAS has officially started recording their upcoming 4th album. The band is currently working with drums at Atomic Spa studio in Helsinki, Finland, and will continue the recordings in different locations until the end of January. The upcoming album is to be released by Century Media Records in May 2013.

Line-up change

At the same time, the band is also announcing a change in the line-up. The original drummer, Tuomas “Tude” Lehtonen, is stepping aside from the podium after playing with the band from the very beginning. Lehtonen explains the reasons behind his decision:

“Writing this message is very difficult for me. I can’t tell you how hard it feels to step away from the path we’ve been walking together for the last 15 years, and to start a new era in my life without the band.

There are many reasons for me to quit the band. The stress from the years spent on the road and our different artistic views have lead to a mutual decision for me to step back and hand over the drumsticks for the next guy. In any case, it has been a great experience and all the memories from along the road are something that I will always cherish.

The biggest thanks go to all the past and present members of the band, not to forget all the technicians and fellow drummers I’ve met in concerts and on tour – and, of course, especially to all the fans that have allowed us to grow to the level that Turisas is at today.

I wish success and good luck to all my bandmates and feel that I will never be straying too far away from the band. I shall always be proudly carrying the Heart of Turisas wherever I go. The man can leave the band but the band will never really leave the man. Battle Metal!”

Along with Lehtonen, also the touring bass player Jukka-Pekka Miettinen will be parting ways with the band, needing to focus on his own musical projects. With both former band members, the relationship remains warm and amicable.

Nevertheless, the machine is not stopping here. We are proudly welcoming the newest members of the band: the new drummer, Jaakko Jakku, has already started recording his drum parts for the new album. The bass duties will be taken care by Jesper Anastasiadis. They are both excellent musicians and great personalities, and the rest of the band is enthusiastically looking forward to the shows together.

After finishing recording the album at the end of January, Turisas will spend the spring on road. The rest of the year 2013 is shaping up to be very busy filled with festivals and tours.

Follow the recording process at


One more!

TURISAS are also happy to announce a brilliant way to end a brilliant year: the band will play a New Year’s Eve special show in Helsinki, Finland. This is the only show in the capital city in 2012 and at the same time a kickstart to a very busy year 2013.

It will also serve as a memorable show to all the fans, as it will be the last one by the current line-up. No need to cry, we shall go out with a bang!

(Support TBA)
31.12.2012 – Nosturi, Helsinki
Tickets: 18 €

The tickets to the Nosturi club show will go on sale on 21 November (all ages show) at