Band : The 69 Eyes

Album : X

Genre : Gothic Rock

Release Date : 28.09.2012

Record Label : Nuclear Blast

The 69 Eyes is a band from Helsinki, Finland. Their musical style can be best described as goth’n’roll ; they started as a glam metal band with influences of sleaze rock. However, in later years they were influenced by bands like The Cult and Sisters of Mercy so their style shifted from sleaze rock to gothic rock. Moreover, the band is also heavily influenced by artists such as Elvis Presley, Billy Idol and The Doors.

The 69 Eyes was formed in 1989 by Jyrki69, Archzie, Timo-Timo, Lotto and Bazie. The only line-up change in the band was when the drummer Lotto was replaced by Jussi69 in 1992. Since then, the line-up of the band has been the same.

The 69 Eyes have released 10 albums and 2 live DVDs in total. The most successful albums have been Wasting The Dawn (1999) , Blessed Be (2000) and Paris Kills (2002). These albums allowed the band to become popular outside of Finland as well as tour Europe and other countries.

The 69 Eyes has recently released their tenth studio album called ‘X’. The album was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden.

Album Review

The album starts with „Love Runs Away“.  From the first moment, this dynamic song is proof that The 69 Eyes is back and they are better than ever! I personally loved the lyrics in this song ; it’s full of melancholy but it has also the full hard-rock vibe that the classic The 69 Eyes fans will love for sure. I also think this song is great as a first song; it makes the listener crave for more music.

The rhythm of the album slows down with “Tonight”. With this song, The Helsinki Vampires show us their dark and vampiric side. But don’t think that this song is slow; the chorus is also dynamic like “Love Runs Away”. I also love the backvocals in this song; they add another flavor to the whole album!

One of the highlights of this album is definitely “Black”. From the beginning of this song, I got the vibe of the Paris Kills album.I also love how the song is so sad and melancholic; there is a bit of hope and a bit of sadness. I can also say that this song can be considered as the summary of the whole album.

Another highlight of the album is the song “I Love The Darkness In You”. This song will make all the gothic girls out there go out and dance. I also loved how the band makes a tribute to Bauhaus’ song “She’s in Parties”; that was expected of them of course: D

Apart from the songs with the dynamic vibe (I Love The Darkness In You, Black), there are also songs which show us that The 69 Eyes has a softer side. A great example to that is the song “Borderline” ; it has the full Johnny Cash vibe that I love and it is a great song that takes the listener to the ‘oldies’. As a matter of fact, I was really surprised that the album finishes with a really slow song “When A Love Comes To An End”. But don’t get me wrong, songs like those really show that this album is really diverse.

Generally, this album can be considered as one of the classics of The Helsinki Vampires. With this album, The 69 Eyes did not only turn back to their old roots – more specifically to the “Paris Kills” era- but they have also improved as a band. A proof of this improvement can be seen in the song “If You Love Me The Morning After”. This song reminds me of “Paris Kills” era so much but I could also feel that they have developed musically in the melodies and lyrics. Furthermore, as I mentioned, this album is full of diversity and it is full of tribute to legendary artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Bauhaus. I don’t need to say how amazing the album is musically; the melodies are amazing (they take the listener back through time) and the lyrics are so melancholic but also so sexy that the listener may find himself/herself going through a lot of emotions. When I first listened to the album, I knew that it was gonna be a classic; I was mesmerized by the combination of lyrics and the melodies. Surely, Jyrki’s voice took me to a whole another level as well; he never disappoints me as an artist.

My favorites from X are definitely Black and I Love The Darkness in You. These songs show how perfect the album is. Nevertheless, I can say that almost all of the songs in this album are perfect. I did not like ‘Red’ that much and I was really disappointed when it was the first single and the first video from the album ; I thought that all of the songs would be like ‘Red’ but I can understand why they chose that song as the first video ; it is probably the most radio-friendly song of the whole album but it is definitely not the best. It doesn’t break the whole balance of the album though.

I can definitely recommend this album to any rock fan in general and I can definitely say that The Helsinki Vampires are back. Surely, X is not ‘Blessed Be’ (which is my favorite album of The 69 Eyes) but as I mentioned, X can be considered as one of the classics of this band along with Blessed Be and Paris Kills. Especially after “Back in Blood” (which was a disappointment to a lot of fans and especially to the fans who love the old The 69 Eyes), this album really made me smile and appreciate this band even more.  Long live The Helsinki Vampires! 😀

Rating : 9,5/10

Tracklisting of X :

1. Love Runs Away

2. Tonight

3. Black

4. If You Love Me The Morning After

5. Red

6. I Love The Darkness In You

7. Borderline

8. I’m Ready

9.I Know What You Did Last Summer

10.When A Love Comes To An End

11. Rosary Blue (feat. Kat von D) (iTunes Bonus Track)

The 69 Eyes :

Jyrki69 : lead vocals

Archzie : Bass, backing vocals

Bazie : Guitar, backing vocals

Jussi69 : Drums

Timo-Timo : Guitar