Band : Frosttide

EP  : Our Journey

Release Date : 2012

Genre : Epic folk metal

Frosttide is a folk metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed by the guitarist Joni Snoro in 2009 and Joonas Nislin later joined the band as the drummer. In the same year, Juho Patinen joined the band as the guitarist and the band practiced some songs which were composed by Joni with two guitars and drums. Since the band needed a keyboard player, Lise Richardson joined them in 2010 as the keyboard player. Frosttide entered the Toukofest band competition in 2010 and they got the second place. The new bassist had also joined the band in spring 2010.

Frosttide released their first EP called Dawn of Frost at the end of summer 2010. A few months after the release of the album, the band parted ways with the bassist and another bassist joined the band, who also left shortly after joining them.

In 2010, Frosttide was awarded as the underground act of the year by Finnish Metal Awards.

Frosttide has recently released their second EP called “Our Journey”. Since it is not a long album, I decided to do a track-by-track review of it.

Enemy is Back : I just loved the starting of this song ; it has the full Finnish folk-metal vibe. The song starts with the acoustic guitars and then turns into full, fucking, heavy riffs. It’s seriously impossible not to headbang to this song; it’s fast, it’s melodic and it’s heavy. This song also brought me back to the old-Ensiferum era. I also loved how Frosttide managed to balance the melodies and the vocals. This song shows that Frosttide is not an ordinary band.

Carefree Village : This song is my favorite in the whole EP. The song starts with the guitars again but the melody is just so amazing that it stays in the listener’s mind forever! 😀 Any folk metal will know that there are some songs in genre that stay in the mind with their melodies and the riffs and “Carefree Village” can be considered as one of those songs as well. The melody in the background is really catchy and even though the listener might feel that the song is repeating itself, the melody makes the song lively and powerful. Once again, the vocals are really good.

Face Your Demons : The rhythm of the album slows down with this song but don’t get me wrong ; the song is not acoustic or a ballad. 😀 I also found this song ‘heavier’ than the first two. With this song, the e-guitars are in the foreground which makes the listener appreciate Frosttide once more. Surely, the powerful vocals should not be forgotten as well. All in all, this song is for people who enjoy the ‘heavy’ part of the folk metal genre.

Assault : This song is also similar to “Face Your Demons” ; it’s slower than the first two but it’s heavier for sure. This song is also the song with the best guitar solo in the album.

No Turning Back : Although this track is melodic and really good, compared to other tracks it’s the weakest track of the album. This track is also the longest track of the album.

Generally, I really loved this EP. The riffs are technically really good, the melody in the background is just what a folk metal fan is looking for and the vocals are really powerful as well. I can recommend this album to folk metal fans who love the ‘heavy’part of it as well to the fans who love the melodies more and the riffs and the vocals less. The songs do not ‘bore’ the listener ; they catch the attention of the listener really easily. The songs sometimes repeat themselves but this shouldn’t bother the listener so much. I think for next time, Frosttide can experiment with the mixture of clean and brutal vocals (the EP has no clean vocals) as well as with melodies.

I have to say that it’s great to see a new folk metal band in the scene with a great sound. Surely, Frosttide has a lot to improve but with this EP they have proved that they have the potential to make it bigger. After listening to this album, I have realized that we, folk metal fans, need more new bands like Frosttide and who knows? Maybe this band will open doors to more bands in the future.

Kiitos, Frosttide! 😀

Rating : 8.5/10

Frosttide :

Joni Snoro (vocals, guitar)
Juho Patinen (guitar)
Joonas Nislin (drums)

“Our Journey” tracklisting :

1. Enemy Is Back
2. Carefree Village
3. Face Your Demons
4. Assault
5. No Turning Back

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