The most popular Christmas artist from recent years, soprano Tarja Turunen returns to perform in Finland with the already highly acclaimed concert tour format.
The artist, who has released her first rock solo CD /DVD “Act I” in August, will perform this year ten Christmas concerts in Finland, extending the tour for the first time to to Kainuu and Lapland.
In addition to the already familiar top-musicians configuration from last years (Harus), – Kalevi Kiviniemi, Marzi Nyman and Markku Krohn, Tarja will perform together with a quartet in seven of these concerts.
Joulu Sydämissä-tour:
12.12.2012 klo 19:00 Savonlinnan Tuomiokirkko
13.12.2012 klo 19:00 Haapajärvi, Haapajärven Kirkko
14.12.2012 klo 19:00 Kuhmo, Kuhmo-talo
15.12.2012 klo 19:00 Alajärvi, Alajärven Kirkko
16.12.2012 klo 19:00 Oulu, Madetojan sali
17.12.2012 klo 19:00 Rovaniemi, Rovaniemen Kirkko
19.12.2012 klo 19:00 Pori, Keski-Porin Kirkko
20.12.2012 klo 19:00 Vaasa, Mustasaaren Kirkko
21.12.2012 klo 19:00 Espoo, Espoon kulttuurikeskus
22.12.2012 klo 19:00 Jämsä, Jämsän Kirkko
In addition, four concerts with the quartet will take place in Germany on the following dates:
Christmas In The Heart – tour:
3.12.2012 – Kurfürstliches Schloss, Mainz, Germany
4.12.2012 – Passionskirche, Berlin, Germany
5.12.2012 – Luise Albertz Halle, Oberhausen, Germany
6.12.2012 – Peterskirche, Leipzig, Germany