To any other person, the title of this article might sound just emotional but this title means a lot if you are a Sentenced fan like I am. Today is the 7th anniversary of the “Buried Alive” concert which was the last concert of the legendary Finnish metal band Sentenced. With this concert, Sentenced bid farewell to the fans worldwide. Sure, fans do disband and go their own ways but with Sentenced, everything feels different.. It still amazes me that after all this time I still get the same feelings, same vibe, same chill when I listen to this band over and over again. I just feel empty when I don’t listen to this band.

As a matter of fact, Sentenced is more than a band to me. At most times, they become my emotions, sometimes my tears and sometimes my passion. It’s really hard to explain the feeling. But I am sure a lot of Sentenced fans understand me..

I won’t give biographical details about the band ; anyone can google them I guess 🙂 I am now listening to the “Buried Alive” concert once again and I am speechless once more. What more is there to say? RIP Sentenced, you will be forever in our hearts. And of course, RIP Miika Tenkula – the brain of the band. Thank you Sentenced, for showing the people what true music is with full emotion and full passion.

Here is the legendary concert which took place in the band’s hometown Oulu in 01.10.2005.