Finland-based epic metallers WINTERSUN will release their second album, Time I, on October 12th via Nuclear Blast, prior to hitting the road in October/November headlining the Heidenfest tour. Drummer Kai Hahto discusses the new album with Kaaos TV in the interview clip below:

Wintersun recently unveiled the album art and have commented:

“We searched many options who could actually make the cover for Time I. Cameron´s way of creating art was just something that stood out immediately and we feel it suited best for Jari´s vision as a cover for Time I. We are really happy for the result and hopefully this collaboration continues in the future releases as well!”

Time I tracklisting is as follows:
‘When Time Fades Away’
‘Sons Of Winter And Stars’
I – Rain Of Stars
II – Surrounded By Darkness
III – Journey Inside A Dream
IV Sons Of Winter And Stars
‘Land Of Snow And Sorrow’
‘Darkness And Frost’