It has been ages since the last Poisonblack album “Drive” [2011] came out and the Poisonblack fans have been eager for a new album ever since. The band has given signs of the new album by posting the photos of the studio demo recordings in their Facebook page recently and the singer/guitarist of the band Ville Laihiala has also stated in the guestbook of the official website that a new album is on the way.

The band has also played a few gigs in Finland and they continue on touring. Poisonblack has recently played a brand new song called ‘Halfway Bar’ from the upcoming album at the Helsinki show on 25.08.2012. It looks like the new song has that ambience like the songs of the latest album ‘Drive’ ; it has more of a heavy metal vibe rather than the gothic metal vibe. It is not a bad thing though, I am glad to see that Poisonblack still kicks ass and they still have that Finnish heavy metal vibe 😉

The video can be watched below :

© Esa Hurme

The band is scheduled to play two more shows in Finland. Here are the upcoming Poisonblack shows :

08.09. Radio Rock Cruise VIII, Baltic Princess, Baltic Sea
21.09. Wanha 57, Oulu

For more information, do not forget to check out the links below :

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