The new release from Eluveitie “The Early Years, which will be released on August 17 can now be pre-ordered at the band’s official webshop. Apart from the normal release via Nuclear Blast, the band is also releasing their own version of the album. The band’s own release will be quite unique as it can only be obtained from the official webshop and from the tour. This release will include

– The newly recorded, never before released track “Divico”
– An extended booklet of 32 instead of 16 pages, documenting the band’s history

Eluveitie has also made an official statement about the new release. Check it out below :

On August 17th, 2012 we will release a new (double-)CD named “The Early Years”. This package will include, as you may have guessed, songs from Eluveitie’s early years. To be more exact, all titles from the very first EP “Vên” as well as our complete debut album “Spirit”, both of which have remained sold out for some time now.

As if that weren’t enough, we there’s more: We have decided to completely re-record the full EP “Vên”, again with our producer and good friend Tommy Vetterli at the Newsound studios (where “Helvetios” was produced, as well). And on top of that, we will (self-) release a special edition of “The Early Years” that will feature a never before released song called “Divico” – also newly recorded within the last few weeks. This edition (physical as well as digital) will be available exclusively through our own online store and at our live shows! The new track will not be included in the standard retail version.

I think it is a must-have for every Eluveitie fan. These kinds of albums are always unique and like ‘gold’ for sure 😉

For more information and pre-order :