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text: Basak Gunel

band: Kreator
album: Phantom Antichrist
genre: Thrash Metal
release: first of June 2012
label: Nuclear Blast


Kreator is a thrash metal band from Essen, Germany. They started as a speed metal band with influences from the band Venom, but from 1992 till 1999 industrial influences were mixed with thrash metal roots. Their style is also similar to other German thrash metal bands such as Destruction and Sodom.

Kreator has released thirteen studio albums, including the latest album ‘Phantom Antichrist’,two EPs, one live album and three compilation albums. Kreator’s first debut album ‘Endless Pain’ was released in 1985. Kreator gained the biggest success in the USA in 2009 with their twelfth (and previous) studio album ‘Hordes of Chaos’.

Kreator was first formed in 1978 but they formalized under the name Tormenter later in 1982. The original line-up of the band was vocalist and…

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