The Finnish goth’n’roll band The 69 Eyes is about to release their 10th studio album this September. The name of the album will be “X” and the band are putting the finishing the touches on the album in Stockholm, Sweden.

“X” will be released via RCA/Sony Music in Finland and via Nuclear Blast in Europe and North America. The first single from the album will be “Red” and it will be released in August. According to a press release, the new album — which is being helmed by the Swedish production team On The Verge — will be melancholic and melodic in best The 69 Eyes tradition, reminiscent of such landmark “goth ‘n’ roll” as “Blessed Be” (2000) and “Paris Kills” (2002).

That’s not it though. The band will film its first video after 3 years in July in Gotheburg, Sweden with Patric Ullaeus of Rivolver Film Company.

“The last album was recorded in Hollywood, adding that special L.A. glam flavor to our sound,” says The 69 Eyes vocalist Jyrki69. “Now this time as this album is our ‘Made In Sweden’ record, our melodic, Scandinavian melancholy side is rising on the top!”

The 69 Eyes will probably tour after the release of the album. According to a statement of the drummer, Jussi69, in his official Facebook page, the tour is already booked so the band will announce the tour dates soon. Both Jyrki69 and Jussi69 are in different countries for DJing/partying. For more updates and information, don’t forget to check the band’s official website as well as their official Facebook/Twitter page!

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