The new track “Kunnia” from the upcoming album “Manala” from the Finnish folk metallers Korpiklaani is available! The lyric video can be seen below.

Korpiklaani is about to release their newest album “Manala”. According to the vocalist/guitarist of the band, the lyrics are based on the Kalevala. The cover artwork for the album was made by Jan Yrlund. He also stated “”On the album cover, our band mascot Vaari represents Väinämöinen, who is one of the main characters in the Finnish national epic ‘Kalevala’. “

Limited digipak CD:

01. Kunnia
02. Tuonelan Tuvilla
03. Rauta
04. Ruuminmultaa
05. Petoeläimen Kuola
06. Synkkä
07. Ievan Polkka
08. Husky Sledge
09. Dolorous
10. Uni
11. Metsälle
12. Sumussa Hämärän Aamun

Bonus CD:

01. Honor
02. At The Huts Of The Underworld
03. The Steel
04. Soil Of The Corpse
05. Predator’s Saliva
06. Dark Side
07. Ieva’s Polka
08. Husky-Sledge
09. Dolorous
10. Dream
11. Off To The Hunt

The “Kunnia” video surely has the english version as well 😀 Check it out below: