A video teaser from the Norwegian balkan metallers Trollfest has recently been released. Watch it below!

Trollfest is about to release the new album “Brumlebassen” which will be released in August 2012. Meanwhile Trollfest parted ways with the guitarist St Beinhard and the bassist PsychoTroll. The band stated that “”they could no longer dedicate the amount of time needed for a band that’s as active as TROLLFEST.”

Commented the remaining members of the group: “We have lots of musicians waiting to fill in on stage for us, some of whom you know and love, some of whom you don’t know yet, but you’re bound to love them once you do.”

“Brumlebassen” track-listing:

01. Brumlebassen
02. Böse Tivoli
03. Illsint
04: Hevlette
05. Finsken, Norsken and Presten
06. Mystisk Maskert
07. Apis Mellifera
08. TrinkenTroll
09. Verboten Kjærleik
10. Bråk
11. Sellout
12. Rundt Bålet
13. Konterbier (bonus track)