Metal Shock Finland (World Assault )

Further to this afternoon’s report that Roadrunner Records may be closing their European Offices, Ed Christman of has filed the following update:

“In a changing of the guard at Roadrunner Records, founder/CEO Cees Wessels is leaving the label 17 months after the completion of its sale to the Warner Music Group. Concurrent with his departure, approximately 36 staffers worldwide were let go today (April 26th), sources tell The exact number was unclear at press time.

Concurrent with his departure, the label is being realigned so that it will utilize the Warner Music Group for back-office and other support capabilities while retaining frontline label functions like A&R, marketing, promotion and publicity.

In the US, Roadrunner will continue to operate as a standalone frontline label, although 16 staffers in the States are losing their jobs.

Internationally, Roadrunner’s staff will continue to carry out some label functions, such as marketing…

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