Crazy Lixx is a hard rock band from Sweden. The band, which was firstly formed in 2002, is among the first bands to be part of “New Wave of Swedish Sleaze” along with bands like Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, Babylon Bombs and Veins of Jenna. The band has changed its musical style over the years and they have formed their own style which is 80’s hard rock.

The interesting name of the band is inspired by a Japanese plastic toy-guitar that the vocalist Danny Rexon used to have as a child.

Crazy Lixx released its first demo in 2003 and this demo made the band successful and promising. The demo consisted of three classical Crazy Lixx tracks; Death Row, Love on the Run and Bad in a Good Way. Hundreds of copies of the demo were printed and Crazy Lixx was then known in the Swedish underground sleaze rock scene. After this success, the band released 2 albums; Loud Minority and New Religion. The band is about to release its latest album, Riot Avenue.

The album starts with the first song “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”. With this song, the whole 80’s hard rock vibe can be felt in the guitar solos and especially in the voice of the vocalist Danny Rexon. This song is also full of energy and really catchy and it makes the listener want to explore more of the album. It is no surprise one can find himself/herself headbanging from the first song.

With the song “Fire it up”, the rhythm of the album slows down a bit. However, the band manages to maintain the energy. One thing that also attracts the listener is the lyrics. The lyrics are typical 80s hard rock lyrics; love, girls and partying but they really fit with the guitar riffs.

Just when the listener thinks, there won’t be any slow songs, the album finishes with a slow, ballad-like song “Only the Dead Know”.  It might seem like the song does not fit to the whole concept of the album but it is strong and emotional in its own way.


In general, the album is really catchy and strong. The guitar riffs and the vocals also show that Crazy Lixx is not only a typical hard rock band but they have their unique style and this really attracts the listener from the beginning to the end. The songs might sound all the same at first but after listening to the album a couple of times that feeling is replaced by admiration and respect. My favorites from the album are “Whisky Tango Foxtrot”, “Young Blood”, “Fire it up” and “Be Gone”.

As a hard rock fan, I would recommend this album to other hard rock fans who want to remember the energy of the 80’s. Guitar riffs, strong vocals, energetic songs and “sleaze”, what more can a hard rock fan want?

Rating: 7/10


Danny Rexon – vocals

Andy Dawson- guitars

Edd Liam – guitars

(The former drummer Joel Cirera and former guitarist Loke Rivano are also featured in “Riot Avenue”)

Tracklist (Riot Avenue):

  1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  2. Riot Avenue
  3. Fire It Up
  4. Downtown
  5. In The Night
  6. Church of Rock
  7. Heatseeker
  8. Sweet, Bad & Beautiful
  9. Be Gone
  10. Only The Dead Know