Location : Cologne (DE)

Date : 20.03.2012

Everybody knows that 80s heavy metal is all about getting wild and crazy. Experiencing it with one’s own eyes is another story though and that’s what I saw just minutes before the doors were open for a sold-out Steel Panther gig at Live Music Hall. From girls in leather pants and high-heeled boots to boys with sunglasses and leather jackets, everybody was prepared for a time-travelling to the 80s.

 The support band for Steel Panther was the quintet from UK, The Treatment. Normally, the venue can be expected to be emptier than usual when the support bands play but it wasn’t the case this time. The venue was almost full when The Treatment started the show and the whole 80s metal vibe could be felt, which is an awesome feeling for people like me who miss the „oldies“. The band started the show with an energetic song “Drink, F*ck, Fight” from their album “This Might Hurt”. With every other heavy metal song, powerful guitar riffs were the leading component in the songs. The vocalist Matt Jones‘ high-pitched vocals were enough to make the already-wild crowd go wilder. The band played other songs like “Shake the Mountain” , “The Doctor”. Since the band has only released one album so far, it was kinda expected of them to play cover songs to spice up the setlist. The band played the Roadstar cover “Killer” as well as the Genesis cover “Way of the World” and finished their short but energetic gig with another cover “Get down get with it”, originally performed by Slade. Overall, the performance was very energetic and they were a great opening act for Steel Panther since they managed to “warm up” the crowd before Steel Panther.


  1. Drink, F**k, Fight
  2. Shake The Mountain
  3. The Doctor
  4. I Fear Nothing
  5. Killer (Roadstar cover)
  6. Departed
  7. Nothing To Lose But Our Minds
  8. Way of The World (Genesis cover)
  9. Get Down Get With It (Slade cover)


When it was time for Steel Panther, the ever-existing tension could be felt. The venue was getting more packed than ever. As the soundcheck took longer than expected, the crowd started singing Steel Panther songs to show that they were more than ready. Finally, the lights were off and the intro from their new album “Balls Out” started playing and the band started the set with the first song “Supersonic Sex Machine”. I think this was a good start as a song since it gave the “boost” from the start. One thing that was obviously recognizable was the relation of the main-man of the band Michael Starr and the people in the front row. Considering that almost all of Steel Panther songs are based on sex, it was expected of Michael Starr to “tease” the front-row-girls. The band played other songs like “Tomorrow Night” , “Just like Tiger Woods” , “17 Girls in a row” and “it won’t suck itself”. Since Steel Panther has a long history, it was obvious that these guys had to play some old songs from their previous albums. “Asian Hooker” , “Fat Girl” , “Eyes of A Panther” were some of the songs that they played.

One of the most entertaining highlights of the night was the 7-minute-long guitar solo of the guitarist Satchel. He did not only prove that he was one of the best guitarists in the glam/heavy metal world (Well, he also said it himself a couple of times J ) but he also made a tribute to legendary bands such as Accept, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden by playing the melodies of those bands in his solo which made everyone surprised. After that moment, I realized that Steel Panther is not only an amazing glam metal band but also one of the best live bands that I have ever seen.

What can one expect from a band with songs about sex and girls? Topless girls of course. In the song “Party all day (fuck all night)” the stage was suddenly full of girls dancing and kissing each other. Since “Tits out for Steel Panther” is the motto of the band for their tour, some of the girls did not disappoint the band at all. This was another proof that the concert was not only a good live show but a surprisingly entertaining one as well.

 With the song “Death to All but Metal” from their previous album, Steel Panther proved that they do not make music for MTV or radio stations but they make music for fans and to keep heavy metal alive. They finished the show with “Gold Digging Whore” and kept the crowd wanting for more. Too bad the night was short and everyone was out of energy.

 Overall, it was one of the best live shows I have ever been to. It is impossible to find the wildness, craziness and entertainment altogether in live shows nowadays but as long as bands like Steel Panther are alive and rocking, heavy metal will never die! Thank you Steel Panther for this amazing night and keeping heavy metal alive. Death to all but metal, indeed! 😀