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[ALBUM REVIEW] Kaross – Two

Band: Kaross
Album: Two
Release Date: 05.02.2016
Record Label: Skulls and Flames Recordings/Cramada
Genre: Stoner Rock

Kaross - TWO - Artwork

  Kaross is a Swedish stoner rock band. Formed in 2002, they have been delivering some “groovy rocking music” with elements from doom metal and stoner rock. The latest record “Two” (2013) has been recently re-released and the band is slowly getting the mojo back! Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Kaross – Two”

[ALBUM REVIEW] Wrathrone – Born Beneath

Band: Wrathrone
Album: Born Beneath
Release Date: 22.01.2016
Record Label: Inverse Records 
Genre: Death Metal


Wrathrone is a Finnish death metal band. Founded in 2008, the band has been delivering aggressive death metal with their own authentic sound. They have released 2 EPs so far and “Born Beneath”, the full-length record, has been recently released! Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Wrathrone – Born Beneath”

MOONSORROW Reveal Cover, Track-listing and Release Date of New Album!

Our favorite pagan metallers brought us awesome news!

On April 1st, 2016, Finnish pagan metal act MOONSORROW will release its brand-new, seventh studio album “Jumalten Aika” – which means ‘The Age Of Gods’ in English – via Century Media Records.

moonsorrow_jumalten_aika_c9337862a9 Continue reading “MOONSORROW Reveal Cover, Track-listing and Release Date of New Album!”

[ALBUM REVIEW] Wolfhorde – Towards The Gates of North

Band: Wolfhorde
Album: Towards The Gates of North
Release Date: 22.01.2016
Record Label: Inverse Records 
Genre: Folk Metal

Wolfhorde is a Finnish folk metal band. Formed in 2000, the band delivers music that is composed of the opposites: distorted and clean,electric and acoustic, heavy and soft, fast and slow, cheerful and melancholic so the listeners can expect some twists and turns. The band is back with “Towards The Gates of North” which will be released in a few days! Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Wolfhorde – Towards The Gates of North”

[ALBUM REVIEW] Raventale – Dark Substance of Dharma

Band: Raventale
Album: Dark Substance of Dharma
Release Date: October 2015
Record Label: Solitude Productions/BadMoodMan Music
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal


Raventale is a Ukrainian atmospheric black metal band. The band has been formed in 2005 and released 10 full-length albums so far with the 10th one being the latest record “Dark Substance of Dharma” .With this album, the band delves into the Indian and Tibetan philosophies. This record will especially catch the attention of those who are interested of ‘Kali’, the dark goddess of time, change, power and destruction.. The album cover tells it all!
Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Raventale – Dark Substance of Dharma”

THE 69 EYES – “Universal Monsters” Album Cover, Track Listing and The Making of Video Revealed

Our favorite vampires are back.. Yes, I am talking about the Helsinki Vampires The 69 Eyes! :D

The band already gave some hints about the upcoming album and today, they have revealed further details about “Universal Monsters”. Continue reading “THE 69 EYES – “Universal Monsters” Album Cover, Track Listing and The Making of Video Revealed”

BEST OF 2015 : (#1) Ghost – Meliora

2015 has come to an end so I wish everyone a happy 2016 full of great music, joy and peace :D 2015 was full of awesome records so hopefully 2016 will be even better :)

We have come to an end in the top 10 countdown and I present to you the #1…. Ghost‘s Meliora!


Continue reading “BEST OF 2015 : (#1) Ghost – Meliora”

BEST OF 2015 : (#2) Swallow The Sun – Songs From The North I,II & III

Great record for this great ice-cold season!

The Finnish doomsters Swallow The Sun have released a gigantic album (2,5 hours of material!) called “Songs From The North I, II & III” towards the end of this year and it was beyond my expectations!.. not because it was a huge record but because it was really a different record!


Continue reading “BEST OF 2015 : (#2) Swallow The Sun – Songs From The North I,II & III”

BEST OF 2015 : (#3) Moonspell – Extinct

Well, we are still mourning after Lemmy’s death but I thought I would go on with the countdown.. We are coming closer to the end!

Portuguese legends Moonspell have done it again with their latest record, “Extinct”. What I liked the most about the record was that they delivered us the unexpected!


Continue reading “BEST OF 2015 : (#3) Moonspell – Extinct”

RIP Lemmy…

Some days, we wake up to bad news.. Unfortunately, today is one of those days. Continue reading “RIP Lemmy…”

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