CHILDREN OF BODOM Begins Recording New Album

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Great news from Finnish death metallers CHILDREN OF BODOM!

It has been 2 years since the release of the band’s last album “Halo of Blood” but seems like we don’t have to wait that long… The band has started the recording process!

The band has entered an as-yet-undisclosed studio to begin recording their ninth album, due later in the year. A picture of drummer Jaska Raatikainen laying down his tracks can be seen below.

Let’s see what these crazy metallers will come up with this time!

[ALBUM REVIEW] Moonspell – Extinct

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Band : Moonspell

Album : Extinct

Release Date : 06.03.2015

Record Label : Napalm Records

Genre : Dark/Gothic Metal


Moonspell is a dark/gothic metal band from Portugal. Formed in 1992, the band started out as a black metal band and with the release of “Wolfheart” (1995), the band has gained appreciation and became known. Throughout the years, the band’s sound has changed and evolved but the essence and that dark Moonspell sound is still there!
The band has released their 11th studio album “Extinct” on March 2015 and I was beyond excited for this release! Here is my review!

Album Review

There are some albums that captivate you from the first moment and “Extinct” is one of them! From the first song “Breathe (Until We Are No More)”, Moonspell shows the evolvement of the band with a mixture of the old as well as the new style. Fans of old Moonspell, don’t you worry. The band has still that dark and gothic sound and in some songs, you will even hear some tributes to the old Moonspell era. As a late discoverer of the band, I really loved the band’s style; dynamic, dark and aggressive.
Musically, as mentioned before, the dark and gothic sound forms the highlight of the album. That’s not it though, in some songs, the band has used oriental elements with the help of Mümin Sesler String Group which is a Turkish orchestra based in Istanbul. I found this approach really unique; it added another flavor to the band’s ‘melodic dark’ style. Just listen to “Medusalem” and you will know what I mean. Apart from this, “Extinct” also has some harsh moments; in songs like “Malignia” and “Funeral Bloom”, vocalist Fernando Ribeiro’s harsh vocals show the listener that Moonspell sound that we all love and crave for. In this sense, “Extinct” is an album featuring many elements that show that Moonspell is still rocking it after so many years! I also loved the Type O Negative influence in “The Future is Dark”; the synths/melodies in the background took me to those old times and made me love the record even more!

“Extinct” is definitely one of the best of 2015! It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the old or the new Moonspell era. The album will be beyond your expectations. All in all, it’s Moonspell we’re talking about! Listen to it and catch the band live on tour if you can!

Rating: 10/10


  1. Breathe (Until We Are No More)
  2. Extinct
  3. Medusalem
  4. Domina
  5. The Last of Us
  6. Malignia
  7. Funeral Bloom
  8. A Dying Breed
  9. The Future Is Dark
  10. La Baphomette


Fernando Ribeiro – vocals 
Ricardo Amorim – guitar
Pedro Paixão – keyboard, sampler, guitar
Aires Pereira – bass
Mike Gaspar – drums

More info:

Moonspell Facebook


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The line-up of MEGADETH has been officially completed!

After the recent announcement of CHRIS ADLER (LAMB OF GOD) as the ‘guest drummer’ of the band, MEGADETH have announced via their official website that ANGRA guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO has officially joined the legendary thrash metallers.

Frontman Dave Mustaine stated: “I first met Kiko around 8 years ago for a cover shoot for Burrn! magazine. I had no idea who he was, other than the fact he was tremendously talented and that the staff from Burrn! held him in high regard. Since then I’ve come to see what a guitar virtuoso he is, and I’m deeply encouraged by his depth and talent. Very few Megadeth alumni have had the same feel and ability as Kiko. As Frank Sinatra says, “the best is yet to come!” -Dave Mustaine”

Back in November 2014, both drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, announced that they had left the band.

Guitarist with Brazilian prog metallers ANGRA Rafael Bittencourt expressed his thoughts: “Angra fully supports the entry of Kiko Loureiro in Megadeth. Holy shit! My spine is still giving chills! Kiko in Megadeth! Wow! That pride! I know Kiko for many years and I know that he deserves more than anyone else this great opportunity. I always say that we have an relacão of brothers and, therefore, we wish you the best one for the Another. Kiko takes his career very seriously with talent. I would like to say that this is a great achievement for the national metal too. It is something that we should all celebrate as a stage epic that begins. It will be good for Angra and to all the bands of the scene, because it will attract attention and visibility for the talent of the Brazilian musicians in general.

With regard to the work in Angra. I believe that he will meet with the activities with which already committed and always will be part of our Family. I am sure that we will still do many things together, inside and outside of the road. Brother, good luck and success to you!’

Rafael Bittencourt


And here’s a picture of the two new bandmembers and Mr. Mustaine! :D 10548886_10152631766927330_1141559847932030199_o

CHRIS ADLER To Feature As ‘Guest’ On New MEGADETH Album

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It’s official, folks!! CHRIS ADLER (LAMB OF GOD) is gonna ‘guest’ on the upcoming MEGADETH album!

MEGADETH has released the following official statement announcing the collaboration:

Dave Mustaine, the creative driving force behind original American metal and hard rock crossover giants MEGADETH, and Chris Adler, drummer for the leaders of modern American heavy metal LAMB OF GOD, will join original bassist David Ellefson in the creation of MEGADETH‘s anticipated forthcoming album. Adler will be appearing as a guest on the album and contributing his thundering, hard-hitting, and technically precise style and skill, adding new blood and drive into the mix while staying true to MEGADETH‘s roots.”

Dave Mustaine comments: “Chris is a tremendous talent, and an amazing person. He is going to bring a new level of excitement and energy to MEGADETH that the fans are going to lose their minds over. I have nothing but respect for my previous drummers, but this is going to absolutely KILL!

“Back in 1989, MEGADETH originally worked as a three piece — guitar, bass and drums — when we laid down the framework to our Grammy-nominated platinum album ‘Rust In Peace’.

“I want to thank the other members of LAMB OF GOD for allowing this opportunity to take place for all of us in the metal community.”

David Ellefson adds: “Chris has been an endearing friend to us in MEGADETH for many years now, and he truly appreciates our music and its legacy. His drumming has forged such an innovative and ferocious path for metal music and I’m very proud that he is anchoring our rhythm section with us on this new album. I can clearly see a new dawn of ‘utmost heaviness’ unfolding in MEGADETH‘s next chapter.”

Chris Adler offers: “MEGADETH was the game changer for me. Growing up, there was no other band that meant as much to my musical interest and direction. There is no doubt I would not be doing what I have been doing for the past three decades had I not stumbled across ‘Killing Is My Business’ and the bible of all metal, ‘Peace Sells’, in my formative years.”

He continues: “About 10 years ago, LAMB OF GOD toured with MEGADETH and I was able to share that story with Dave and David, and we have kept in touch ever since.

“When Dave called me a while ago and asked if I was interested in making a thrash metal album with him, I felt like I must’ve been on a hidden-camera show. I was trying to play it cool, but I was speechless other than YES! Once I called my wife and my band guys to let everyone know, I had some time to really think about it and how I can best fit into this situation.

“I’m coming into this on fire. There is an incredible amount of respect, but the goal here is to make the very best thrash album we can — not just throw names in the CD booklet or be a yes man. Together, I believe we can do something very special!

“Get ready for a very exciting chapter in the MEGADETH legacy.”

In a 2006 interview with Xplosive Metal, Adler confirmed that MEGADETH was the band that made him want to start drumming to begin with. He said: “Definitely. For me and my brother [LAMB OF GOD guitarist Willie Adler], that’s the band that made us wake up to heavy metal and made us become who we are today. And now to be able to sit down and have lunch with Dave Mustaine and tell him that story and have him talk about what he likes about LAMB OF GOD, it’s pretty big for me.”

Speaking to Wondering Sound about the influence Dave Lombardo (SLAYER) and Gar Samuelson (MEGADETH) have had on his drumming style, Adler said: “Dave‘s the guy that made me want to go fast. There’s so much power in what he does — both him and Gar Samuelson, who was the original drummer from MEGADETH. I think Gar was a little more jazzy, which I really liked, and I probably spent more time trying to emulate Gar than Dave, but both those guys were the guys who made me want to get faster. Now I realize that’s kind of a fickle goal, but [Dave] was obviously one of the innovators, one of the first to do what metal is kind of known for now, with double kicks, and he’s still absolutely one of the best.”

In addition to Mustaine, Adler and bassist David Ellefson, the recording lineup for MEGADETH‘s new album is rumored to include Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, best known for his work with ANGRA.

MEGADETH has yet to announce permanent replacements for drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, who quit the group last year.

The band was still finalizing the recording lineup for its new album earlier in the month, with Mustaine tweeting on March 10 that he was “excited to be auditioning one of my final picks for my new guitarist today.”

Drover quit MEGADETH on November 25, 2014 “to pursue [his] own musical interests.” His statement can be found at this location. Guitarist Chris Broderick announced his departure from MEGADETH a few hours later, saying that he was exiting the group “due to artistic and musical differences.”

LINDEMANN Featuring RAMMSTEIN Frontman, PAIN/HYPOCRISY Mainman To Release ‘Skills In Pills’ Album

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Vocalist Till Lindemann of German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN has joined forces with Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN) in a brand new project simply called LINDEMANN.

LINDEMANN‘s debut album, “Skills In Pills”, will be released in May.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Skills In Pills
02. Ladyboy
03. Fat
04. Fish On
05. Children Of The Sun
06. Home Sweet Home
07. Cowboy
08. Golden Shower
09. Yukon
10. Praise Abort

Pär Hulkoff, vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist for the Swedish industrial metal band RAUBTIER, claims to have had the opportunity to check out some of LINDEMANN‘s music and has said that “the small parts I heard really blew my mind.” He added: “This will echo in eternity.”

RAMMSTEIN guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, who is currently promoting the sophomore album from his EMIGRATE project, recently told U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine about RAMMSTEIN‘s future plans: “We have a live DVD coming out, we have another live DVD coming out, we have another live DVD… We have so many live DVDs right now that we have to work that through. So, I think, at the moment, everyone does his own thing. I think it’s important, because, again, RAMMSTEIN was always a band that took their time, that listened to themselves, listened to what they need, how much time they need between [albums].”

He added: “One good thing about that the music industry changed is that you don’t have to do a record every year — it’s not necessary — and I think a lot of people that did this put [out] records that weren’t that great. So I like that idea, actually, to take breaks. Again, I think we will come back together. I love touring with RAMMSTEIN, and if somebody has a vision for a record, we’ll do another record.”

In an interview with UK’s Kerrang! magazine, Kruspe said that he and his RAMMSTEIN bandmates were keeping a healthy distance from each other during the group’s downtime.

Flake‘s [keyboardist Christian Lorenz] writing a book, Till‘s doing some kind of solo thing, but I haven’t heard anything,” he said. “That’s the other problem. We’ve been through so many years together, we’ve lost contact in a way. At 18 or 20, it’s natural to have a gang around you. But in your 40s or 50s, it’s not normal to be around five guys the whole year. Because normally you’d start a family, have children. It’s like a marriage with six guys who are never having sex. People get frustrated!”

He added: “EMIGRATE saved my place in RAMMSTEIN.”


[ALBUM REVIEW] Frosttide – Blood Oath

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Band: Frosttide

Album : Blood Oath

Release Date : 27.02.2015

Record Label : NoiseArt Records

Genre : Epic/folk metal

frosttide cover final



Frosttide is an epic/folk metal band from Finland. Founded by Joni Snoro in 2009, the band is relatively young but also has managed to caught the attention of many folk/epic metal lovers. Especially after the release of their first full-length album “Awakening” (2013), the band gained a huge success and played with some big metal bands like Turisas and Ensiferum in Heidenfest 2013.

The band has recently relased their second full-length album, “Blood Oath”. The band is also in the line-up of PAGANFEST 2015, which will start in exactly two weeks!

As a huge fan of the band, I knew I had to review “Blood Oath”. Especially after seeing the band for the first time live in Heidenfest 2013 and having followed the band’s progress from the beginning, my expectations were quite high and I wasn’t disappointed at all! From the first song “Prologue”, it is clear that this record is not your typical folk/epic metal album. Considering that this is a concept album, the band has done a great job with the first song which shows the band’s improvement for sure. The song makes the listener curious and wonders more about the story and tells the listener to ‘come on in’.

Musically, the album has a lot to offer. Especially compared to the previous record, I have realized that influences from big epic/folk metal bands have disappeared and Frosttide definitely has started to form its unique sound. This is obvious from the guitar riffs, which are catchy and form the essence of that dynamic structure of the album, but also the melodies/keyboards. A great example of this is “Gates of the Asylum”; the starting of the song has definitely that symphonic approach (which reminded me of the symphonic melodies in Epica songs) but as one listens to the song, we see a unique Frosttide sound, combining the male choirs with keyboards and riffs.

Another highlight of the album is definitely the improved vocals; the vocals are definitely more ‘technical’ and even ‘death-metal like’ in this record (which differs from the previous records). In this sense, the vocals also add another excitement and spark to the record; they are not dull and not too technical but entertaining for the listeners from every metal genre. Just listen to “Fate Redefined” or “Traitor Within” and you will know what I mean. The album is not all about ‘harsh’ vocals though; throughout the album, the listeners will also hear male choirs here and there like in the song “Winds of Winter’s Call” , which I found really clever and which makes the album even more entertaining.

Soundwise, the album is really well-produced and considering that the band has combined a lot of elements, the listener does not get lost in each musical element or highlight but can enjoy every piece; be it the vocals, riffs or the synths. We all know that production can be a bit tough in epic metal records but “Blood Oath” has a smooth production and so the listening to this record will also be smooth.

“Blood Oath” is not just another epic/folk metal record. This concept album features elements from different genres such as symphonic, death metal and even progressive so don’t underestimate this record! I can definitely recommend it to every fan of ‘metal’ in general. Frosttide is back, stronger and with a more improved and atmospheric sound!

Rating: 9,5/10


  1. Prologue
  2. Blood Oath
  3. Gates of the Asylum
  4. Fate Redefined
  5. Traitor Within
  6. Foreshadow
  7. New Reign
  8. Winds of Winter’s Call


Joni Snoro – vocals, guitar

Juho Patinen – guitar, additional vocals

Joonas Nislin – drums

Felipe Munoz – keyboards, backing vocals

Lauri Myllylä – bass, backing vocals 

More info:

Frosttide Official

Frosttide Facebook




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