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[ALBUM REVIEW] Wolves Den – Deus Vult

Band: Wolves Den
Album: Deus Vult
Release Date: 2015
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Black Metal


Wolves Den is a German black metal band. Formed in 2014, the band consists of 2 former Equilibrium band members, one of them being the former vocalist Helge Stang. Although the band is relatively young, they have been making themselves known in festivals and gigs throughout Germany; the band has become popular not only among the old Equilibrium fans but also among the fans of this genre!

The band has released their latest record “Deus Vult” (Latin word for “God wills it”) in 2015. I normally do not review records that have been released a while ago but after seeing the band in Dark Troll festival this year, I was quite impressed with them so I decided to make an exception! Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Wolves Den – Deus Vult”

[ALBUM REVIEW] Mortal Peril – The Legacy of War

Band: Mortal Peril
Album: The Legacy of War
Release Date: 21.05.2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Thrash metal

MP Legacy of war Cover

Mortal Peril is a German thrash metal band. Formed in 2010, the band has been delivering some fine thrash metal! After releasing 1 EP and 1 debut album and some line-up changes, they have released their second album “The Legacy of War” recently! Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Mortal Peril – The Legacy of War”

[ALBUM REVIEW] Gorgon – Titanomachy

Band: Gorgon
Album: Titanomachy
Release Date: 21.05.2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Symphonic/death metal


Gorgon is a French epic/symphonic metal band. Formed in 2013, the band’s sound consists of powerful and epic melodies combined with cinematic orchestrations. Their debut album “Titanomachy” has been released recently! Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Gorgon – Titanomachy”

RIP Nick Menza

Such shocking news..

Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza has sadly passed away on the night of 21st of May. Although there’s no official announcement yet, witnesses who were at the OHM concert stated that it happened during the show and that he had collapsed and fell over… Continue reading “RIP Nick Menza”

WARDRUNA – “Runaljod, Ragnarok” To Be Released on October 2016!

The one-and-only nordic folk band WARDRUNA have finally given us update about the upcoming album “Runaljod,Ragnarok” ! According to the announcement on the band’s Facebook page, the album will be released on October 2016 via their own label By Norse Music.

Continue reading “WARDRUNA – “Runaljod, Ragnarok” To Be Released on October 2016!”

AGALLOCH Calls It Quits

The legendary American dark/progressive folk metallers Agalloch have unfortunately called it quits… Continue reading “AGALLOCH Calls It Quits”

RIP Aleah Stanbridge..

The world lost someone precious and talented… Such dark times for music industry…

Aleah was best known for her band Trees of Eternity but she also collaborated with bands like Swallow The Sun and Amorphis in some songs.. Her voice was truly unique and otherworldly… Although there is no official statement of the cause of her death, in the Metal Archives website, it’s stated that the cause is cancer.

Rest in peace Aleah. I read that she believed in the transformation of energies… Wherever you are, I hope you are at peace and happy.

You will live in our hearts with your pure and angelic voice…

[ALBUM REVIEW] Bloodred – Nemesis

Band: Bloodred
Album: Nemesis
Release Date: 08.04.2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Blackened death metal


Bloodred is a blackened death metal band from Germany. The project/band has been formed in 2009 by Ron Merz, who is the songwriter and plays all the instruments. So the band is more like a one-man-project. The lyrics cover a wide range of diverse topics.

After having released 2 EPs, Bloodred is back with a full-length album called “Nemesis” and it will be released this month! Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Bloodred – Nemesis”

KATATONIA – Details of the Upcoming Album “The Fall of Hearts” Revealed!

The Swedish kings of the dark are back!

KATATONIA will release their tenth studio album, “The Fall Of Hearts”, on May 20 via Peaceville. The follow-up to 2012’s “Dead End Kings” was recorded at Stockholm’s Studio Gröndahl & Tri-lamb studio, and was produced by Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse. Mixing and mastering duties were carried out by Jens Bogren (OPETH, IHSAHN, DEVIN TOWNSEND) at Fascination Street Studios, with Karl Daniel Lidén (SWITCHBLADE, THE OCEAN, GREENLEAF) brought in as engineer. The dramatic-yet-desolate artwork was created by longtime KATATONIA designer and illustrator Travis Smith.


Continue reading “KATATONIA – Details of the Upcoming Album “The Fall of Hearts” Revealed!”

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