POISONBLACK Have Called It Quits

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Yes.. You all read it right..

For some of you, this might have been just regular news.. A band decides to end their career, so what is the big deal? But as a Poisonblack fan since the beginning, this news was definitely quite sad.. 15 years of awesome music and the Finnish metallers Poisonblack have decided to end their career.

The news have been announced via band’s Facebook page by the mainman Ville Laihiala. Here’s his statement:

Greetings oxygen spenders. After these last 15 years we have reached the point in our career that it’s time to stop and think about the future. Thou it has been a great ride with ups and downs, great friends, audiences and whatever has been thrown at us, we’re going to hit the brakes now and lay the band to rest. For how long remains to be seen. As you all know, it has to be 100% or not at all. Personally, I really have to think about that long and hard.

On behalf of the band I want to thank the people who have supported us throughout the years. Labels, managers, promoters, clubs, festivals, crews… and especially the fans. Without you this could not have been possible.

Take care y’all


The more interesting part is that the band gave no real signs about this news. Sure, they have not been touring so frequently and they stated that they were not gonna tour for a long time but I guess noone saw this coming.. The drummer Tarmo Kanerva also explains why they have not given a statement before:

” This decision (to put the band on hold, hit the breaks, stop the carousel) is Ville’s (Laihiala), and he has felt this way from the beginning of this year. Poisonblack is and always was formed by Ville and strongly based on the music and lyrics of Ville. We (other members) fully respect him on this.”

“We definitely faced some sort of lack of a greater mutual agreement on the direction of the band music wise, and our latest record deal ended with Lyijy. It’s not a great asset for new record deal negotiations, if the band itself doesn’t really have a clear vision on their work.”

“We delayed publishing this announcement until the day of the very last gig, since the majority of the band did simply want to enjoy being on stage, and there is no drama between us that would keep us from reuniting some day. With that being said, we do not have any plans for the future as Poisonblack. “

The band’s final gig was in Oulu on 21.08.2015. The former bandmembers JP Leppaluoto and Janne Markus also joined in on the concert… so it was the final gig indeed!

Well, what more is there to say? 15 years of awesome music.. Gothic, heavy metal, hard rock that speaks to the heart.. Thank you to all the bandmembers and everyone involved! You guys will never be forgotten! RIP Poisonblack!

[ALBUM REVIEW] Sabhankra – Seers Memoir

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Band: Sabhankra

Album: Seers Memoir

Release Date: 2014

Record Label: Haarbn Productions

Genre: Epic metal


Sabhankra is an epic metal band from Turkey. Formed in 2001, the band’s style is actually quite interesting; their sound is a mixture of melodic death/black and even thrash metal with folk influences. The band has released their second full-length album “Seers Memoir” on December 2014. Although it’s been a while since the album was released, I always try to support the awesome underground bands so I decided to give this album a shot!

From the first song “Pyron”, the record gives us an impression that this album has a diverse style and it is indeed so! The first song starts quite progressive-like; it even took me to the old Amorphis era but the rest of the record is quite different! The songs are melodic, catchy and at the same time quite brutal and has that ‘into-your-face’ vibe. It’s hard to categorize the record’s style; the listeners will notice thrash metal (“Fate is Already Written”), power metal (“Seers Memoir”, “Time of War”, notice the power metallish clean vocals!) and melodic death metal influences but what I liked the most is that the band has their unique sound despite some influences from legendary bands and this makes the album quite impressive!  I even caught some ethnic melodies and beats in “Seers Memoir” and “Dancing With Death”. So long story short, there is a little bit of everything for everyone in this record; it’s not dull at all and manages to catch the attention of the listener from the beginning to the end.

Soundwise, the album’s production is quite clean and those brutal vocals mixed with the melodic riffs will be heard quite clearly. The record is also instrumental at times so that the listener can enjoy the guitar solos or the atmospheric melodies in the background and this forms a balance between that death-metal aggression and the atmospheric melodies. Personally, although I loved the record, what I would love to hear more would be maybe a bit more progressive/atmospheric melodies which would add another diversity to the band’s unique sound.

“Seers Memoir” is a must-have for fans of melodic death/thrash and folk metal! You will love it for sure!

Rating: 9/10


  1. Pyron
  2. Against the False Gods
  3. We March
  4. Seers Memoir
  5. The Windshaper
  6. Time of War
  7. Dancing With Death
  8. Fate is Already Written
  9. A Star To Shine
  10. Easing The Pain


Savaş Sungur – Vocals & Guitars
Süha Kozbey – Guitars
Gürkan Yücel – Bass
Mehmet Engin – Drums


Sabhankra Facebook

Sabhankra Bandcamp


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Following the announcement by Sweden’s SHINING that going forward they would be eschewing the usual practice of dragging bands on lengthy tours through several countries  in favour of shorter tours on a country-by-country basis, the band have now completed booking European dates for the rest of this year and are able to announce their full “touring” schedule between September and the end of 2015.

During this period SHINING will visit a total of nine countries in support of their critically acclaimed ninth full-length album “IX / Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends”.  A special double gatefold edition of the album, in black and white marble vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies, will be available for sale exclusively on the tour.

Scheduled appearances as follows:

12 Sep:  Divan du Monde, Paris
13 Sep:  Bifurk, Grenoble
14 Sep:  Altherax,  Nice
16 Sep:  Péniche, Lille
17 Sep:  Laiterie,  Strasbourg
18 Sep:  Ferrailleur,  Nantes

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ELUVEITIE- NICOLE ANSPERGER Leaves The Band, New Violin Player Wanted!

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Swiss folk metallers ELUVEITIE have some bad news for the fans; the violin player NICOLE ANSPERGER (who joined the band on December 2013 parted ways with the band… The band is also currently looking for a new violin player!

Here is the statement:

It is with great regret that we have to announce the departure of our violin player Nicole Ansperger. We have enjoyed a wonderful year of adventures with Nicole, circling the globe and completing the first part of the “Origins” world tour together – our biggest, longest and most successful one yet. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to manage personal obligations and take care of a family alongside a life of constant touring, and Nicole’s priorities are with her family – where they should be. We are parting amicably and would like to thank Nicole for the good times and her musical contribution. It’s been an honour to share stage & studio with such a talented musician! Nicole would like to add a few words herself:

“Dear fans:

As mentioned before it can become pretty difficult to reconcile personal obligations and the touring life. A lot of things have changed within my family and my personal situation during the last 12 months; and now my familial situation makes it impossible to me to be on the road with my band constantly.

After careful consideration and with a heavy & bleeding heart I made the desicion to leave Eluveitie.
I was a very hard step to me and I will miss Eluveitie – the music, the band, the crew and very much also YOU, the fans!
I wanna thank you all – you`ve been the best fans of the world to me!!! You rocked, you`ve been wonderful and I won`t forget you!

Also I`d like to thank my mates in Eluveitie – thank you for the amazing and intense time we had together! You`ll always be in my remembrance! I wish you all the very best for your future ways and of course I wish you a awesome new fiddle player. smile emoticon
This certainly doesn`t mean an end to my musical career. Music will always be a very important part of my life and who knows – maybe we`ll see each other again one day.

Keep on rockin, guys & girls!”

Now, the show must go on, and as you might know we are about to kick off another part of our world tour in early September. Nicole’s last show with us will take place at the In Extremo Festival on September 5th, 2015.

****Starting right now, we are looking for a talented violin player to step in and complete three months of touring with us, from September 7th to December 15th, 2015.****

This is no easy task, and we will only consider the best of the best in order to bring you the Eluveitie show we are known for, and proud of. If you think you’ve got what it takes, we invite you to take this chance and submit your entry in our first ever round of open auditions. Taking part is simple, getting the gig might be the challenge (and chance) of your life! To enter, simply:

1. Download this Mp3 of our song “King”, if you don’t have it yet:http://we.tl/SsyxmZ9HLE
2. Record a video of yourself performing the song, making sure that we can both see you and clearly hear your performance
3. Upload your video to www.youtube.com and send the link to violin@eluveitie.ch, and don’t forget to include detailed contact info!

Deadline for all submissions is Thursday, August 6th, at midnight Central European Time. Ideally, you will be a very talented musician with touring experience, as well as located in or near Switzerland. However, participation in this audition is open to all!

Please note that due to the high volume of submissions we expect, we might not be able to reply to everyone personally. We will reply to you with follow-up questions within a few days if you’ve made it into the second round. Either way, we are looking forward to view your performances and would like to thank you in advance for participating!

[ALBUM REVIEW] Traum – Erode

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Band: Traum

Album: Erode

Release Date: 17.12.2014

Record Label: Self-released

Genre: Post-rock/Experimental/Shoegaze

Traum is an Italian/Irish band based in Italy. Formed in 2012, the band’s music can best be described as a mixture of shoegaze and post-rock with influences from Viking and Scandinavian culture. The band has released their first album “Erode” on December 2014.

It’s hard to describe an instrumental album like “Erode”; there are a variety genres featured in the record – progressive, post-rock, post-metal, doom, psychedelic- and this makes the style and the sound of the album complex. The album starts in a doom-y way for example but throughout the record, the sound takes on different form, which will surely surprise the listener as you don’t know what to expect and this was one of the aspects that I liked about the album.

Soundwise, “Erode” being an instrumental album makes it complex; each song will tell a different story to each listener. As a matter of fact, I had the impression that the songs did not have any story, it felt like the band was just ‘brainstorming’/ ‘jamming’ melodies and this was one of the aspects which confused me. On one hand, I can see that the band really made a huge effort and put on an album with a very diverse sound. But sometimes during the record, I felt lost in the melodies; maybe the album could have been a bit more ‘united’ as a whole to keep the listener interested. Experimenting with many genres is surely great but I think it’s also a complicated business trying to harmonize different styles together, which requires time for sure. Nevertheless, I think that the band has potential and I am sure they will improve themselves!

“Erode” is definitely recommended for music lovers who are looking for instrumental albums with a bit of experimenting… Surely, “Erode” might not be a captivating record in my opinion but it’s worth giving it a spin and finding your own path within the songs!

Rating: 6,5/10


  1. Hefna
  2. Oceano Antico
  3. Erode
  4. Solas Dorcha
  5. Dagda
  6. Ecate
  7. Heavydale
  8. Invasori


Alessandro Cavazza – guitars

Michael Harding- drums

Giulio Sangirardi – acoustic guitars and baritone, bass guitar

More info:

Traum Facebook


THE 69 EYES – In The Studio?

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It’s been a long time since The Helsinki vampires THE 69 EYES released a new album. Their last album “X” has been released 3 years ago and although the band has been touring, there has been no news of any album update… until now! :D

The band secretly returned to the studio to record a new biting opus for the hungy masses with producer Johnny LeeMichaels, who already was responsible for the recordings of “Blessed Be” and “Paris Kills”. This is already an awesome sign!

Vocalist Jyrki 69 reveals:

“Dear Helsinki vampires loyalists, how’s your summer been? I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. Especially in the nights…- in the studio. You see, we are currently in the studio recording our new album here in Helsinki. It’s coming out really good, feels like a record I’ve always wanted us to do. A bit hard to explain but you will hear it soon! If you happened to like those albums,we’ve made earlier with Johnny, you will love this new one, too. The first single will come out later on this year and the album in early 2016. August moon – where are you…?“

I am beyond excited for the record! And maybe the band will go back to their old roots again? It would be awesome for sure! Let’s wait and see!

HIM Announces New Drummer During A Surprise Appearance!

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Finnish “love” metallers HIM have recruited Jukka “Kosmo” Kröger (HERRA YLPPÖ & IHMISET) as their new drummer following the departure of Mika Kristian Karppinen (a.k.a. Gas Lipstick) earlier this year.

Kröger made his live debut with HIM earlier tonight (Saturday, July 25) during a surprise performance at the Qstock festival in Oulu, Finland. The concert was originally billed as a gig by RAMBO RIMBAUD, the solo project of HIM mainman Ville Valo.

Gas announced his exit from HIM in January, explaining: “I simply feel that it’s time for me to move on as a musician.” He added that “during the final stages of [HIM‘s] last tour, [I noticed] that my heart was not in it 100% anymore… If my heart feels that it’s time to let it go, then I have to listen, because otherwise it wouldn’t be right towards myself, the rest of the band or you wonderful fans. It would end up being a forced effort and I can’t perform or create like that.”


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